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Duttonlea Suntan Of Dandyhow, KCSB 0407BQ,  dark grizzle


Duttonlea Suntan Of Dandyhow


Dandyhow Grenadier Dandyhow Nightcap Dandyhow Shady Knight Dandyhow Brussel Sprout
Dandyhow Solitaire
Goody Two Shoes Of Dandyhow Dandyhow Bolshevik
Beauty's Nip
Dandyhow Queens Counsel Dandyhow Magistrate Dandyhow Bolshevik
Dandyhow Margery Daw
Dandyhow Red Queen Dandyhow Red Knave
Dandyhow Shahreen

Ribbleside Morning Dew

Duttonlea Mr Softy Cravendale Copper Falcliff Topper
Cravendale Wharfholm Whip it Quick
Duttonlea Maria Ribbleside Tagaroa
Leatty Lambpet
Ribbleside Ramina Ribbleside Ridgeman Ribbleside Ringman
Ribbleside Moonmagic
Ribbleside Redshank Ribbleside Falcliff Trident
Ribbleside Rhapsody

exported to Hanne Sonne/DK

Copywrite of THE BORDER TERRIER CLUB, Great Britain 1996



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